Saturday, October 1, 2011

UPDATE: Moving... I HATE Moving (But So Far, So Good... Almost)

OK, so far most of the older DAF content made it over to the new blog, but formatting is way off, so that requires manual adjustments for EVERY post (Eek!) that includes resizing images (Argh), fixing video links (Bleh!) and cutting/pasting a ton of stuff that got chopped off somehow from the XML file. Hey, look at the bright side - I only have about 1100 posts to fix (to quote a certain dark Jedi: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"). Of course, I ALSO need to make time to review stuff, as a few key titles are coming in shortly or are already here. Fear not, dear readers - it'll get done. Watch this space for updates. Man, I need an assistant or a clone right about now...

Er, here's a pic of some of my 3DO collection. I just grabbed the first image I could find on my PC, as I'm SWAMPED with all this moving stuff. Enjoy!

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