Thursday, September 30, 2010

Saw 3D Poster Revealed

And here it is (below the jump), the official Saw 3D poster art! One question, though... just what the heck would you build a skyscraper-sized Jigsaw statue out of anyway? The film is in theaters on October 29, by the way...

Capcom Announces Mega Man Legends 3 Project, New Resident Evil For 3DS

In one of the best "IT'S ABOUT FREAKIN" TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME!" sequel announcements this year, Capcom has made me and a whole bunch of gamers pretty happy clams (well, mostly). A new Mega Man Legends game is on the way (yay!) for the 3DS (er, Yay?). While a new cross-platform game would have been even more fantastic (especially with HD remakes of the previous MML/Tron Bonne games), it looks as if Nintendo's upcoming must-have bank-breaking handheld wonder will be the lucky recipient of this latest installment.

Anyway, press release, logos and RE 3D screens below the jump. I'm going to go dance around the room a bit before crying as I check my bank account (and cry some more afterward).

3DS Dated for Japan (2010), US (2011), Specs Listed (Just Bring On The GAMES!)

Yeah, yeah. Here's a nifty Gamasutra article with the 3DS specs as well as another with Japanese launch info, but if you ask me, I could care less about the specs. I just want to see the darn thing and a bunch of games I can sit down play with at a Nintendo event before getting my grubby paws on one I can take home. Yes, I'm shameless, but hell, I don't spit out good reviews based on freebies and I'm certainly no celebrity who's going to pose and shill in public and not give a crap about the 3DS once the cameras shut off. As long as developers get to make the best games they can for the handheld, I'm a supporter. Once the crap shovelware hits (and it will - some folks will buy anything in 3D!), I'll stick around, but I'll be a meanie when I need to be.

Two Worlds II Delayed 'Til January 2011 (And Why I'm Not Worried One Bit)

Hmmmm... Southpeak says the game needs a tad more polish, so it's now headed your way in a few months rather than next week. TopWare says it's more than ready for its closeup, but thanks to a few similarly massive titles, wants players to have enough time to digest those large lunches before their big dinner. Ready... FIGHT!

Er, no (*DING!*)

'd have to say BOTH are acceptable excuses. Read on for my cosmic rationale...

It's Not October Yet, But...

...Hell, those recent Splatterhouse screens inspired me even more than usual, so I actually whipped up a quickie banner a few days early. Hope you like it. I may do another next week. Then again, I'll be busy with a ton of stuff including getting ready for NYCC, so I may not run a new banner at all.

We shall see...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

MySims SkyHeroes PS3 Demo Up And Flying

EA is keeping the MySims SkyHeroes fun in the air with a new PS3 demo that shows off some of the fun Sim-ified versions of popular franchise characters. Check it out below the jump. The game has officially launched today, so it's definitely worth a test flight if you're curious about what to expect in the retail version.

Gallery: Resident Evil Revelations

My first thought (given the Capcom press page has this listed as a regular DS game) was: Wait.... these are Nintendo DS screens? Of course, you'd be a bit confused too, especially if you also saw those similarly eye-popping screens for the upcoming 3DS RE Mercenaries title. Then I realized that it's going to be one of those 3DS titles that you don't need the "3D" effect on to enjoy. Still, for a handheld with FAR lower resolution than any current TV or monitor, what's here is pretty amazing stuff. Go Capcom!

Superstars V8 Racing Gets Release Date + Contest (Yes, You Should Enter!)

O-Games has indeed announced a release date for its upcoming download-only PS3 exclusive racer. If you're STILL somehow hesitant at spending a mere twenty bucks for a full-featured racer and you live in the good ol' U.S. of A., there's even a chance to get the game for FREE (cheapskate). Click below for the full scoop.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Win A PS3 w/Move in LOTR: Aragorn's Quest Sweepstakes!

Warner Bros. interactive Entertainment wants YOU to win a PS3/Move bundle, Nintendo Wii or a few other great prizes. Or at least try to win, if you're willing to be a little creative in a very short amount of time.

By visiting the LOTR: AQ contest site, fans of the epic The Lord of the Rings trilogy can create their own augmented reality video and summon a number of spells, including fireballs, ice crystals and sparks. Everyone who posts a video is automatically entered into The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest augmented reality sweepstakes for a chance to win loads of great prizes, including copies of the game, a Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3 with Move hardware.

The sweepstakes ends on September 30, 2010 (yikes!), so get a Move on! Wii really want you to win! (ha ha).

Saturday, September 25, 2010

TRON: Evolution Video Overview

So, what can you expect from Propaganda Games' upcoming PS3 and Xbox 360 action game? Well, click on that PLAY button and find out. It's looking better and better with each update, huh?

MySims SkyHeroes Dead Space Parody Trailer Is A Hoot

I'd never thought I'd ever say this, but EA has actually found a way to make the Dead Space universe look... cute. As in too darn cute beyond belief. Check it out and afterward, go try out the ridiculously fun demo for MySims SkyHeroes on Xbox Live Arcade while you're still smiling. MySims SkyHeroes launches (pun intended) on September 28 for the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PC and Nintendo DS. Demo info and more MSSH coolness below the jump.

Friday, September 24, 2010

AMC's The Walking Dead Gets NYCC Premiere

Yet another really cool thing about New York Comic Con is the chance to see upcoming film and TV promos complete with many of the fine folks who've helped create them. AMC's new zombie series based on the great Image comic hits cable on Halloween, but thanks to IGN, NYCC attendees will get the chance to see a bit of it earlier as well as toss a few questions at the cast and creative staff.

Read on for details...

ArcaniA - Gothic 4 PC Demo Now Available

With ArcaniA - Gothic 4 set to hit retail on October 12, 2010, JoWooD, DreamCatcher and BVT have released a PC demo version of the game, currently available here and here. Details of what's in that demo below:

Gallery Update IV: Splatterhouse

The three screens I can run on this more family-friendly blog are below. As for the rest... well, you know where to find them, don't you? Only a few more weeks to go, ladies and germs! More gallery updates to come shortly, as Namco Bandai seems to be adding even more gorgeously gruesome screens as the game approaches its ship date.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mastiff's Deer Drive Shoots Onto Nintendo DS

A hunting game on the go? Yes, indeed says Mastiff. The publisher has brought a portable version of its popular Wii simulation, Deer Drive to the Nintendo DS and it's now available at retailers across North America for a mere $19.99. Given that the Wii version moved around 400,000 copies, I'd say DS owners might make this one as much of a hit, if not more of one. Box art above, screens below with a bit of game info from the press release. Loyal hunting dog, Elmer Fudd cap and orange safety vest not included.

3D Dot Game Heroes Gets Updated... Now With Sackboy!

Atlus has released a great update to its excellent retro action RPG, 3D Dot Game Heroes. Players who already own the game as well as those new to the awesomeness will find a nice surprise in the form of over 50 new playable character models including Little Big Planet's popular Sackboy. Additionally, the game will feature a couple of fixes and tweaks... but you'll have to click below to read that part!

R.I.P.: Project Milo 2009-2010

According to reports, Lionhead Studios 'Project Milo' for Microsoft's upcoming Kinect peripheral has been canceled and some 19 staff members have been laid off from the developer. The innovative game (or at least an impressive working tech demo) was first shown at E3 2009 where many were floored by the lifelike interaction between the titular character and a Lionhead staffer. While it's clear that development on the project had obviously gone on after that showing, what's unclear is why such a high profile potential killer app was killed off before updated information or perhaps some sort of commercial demo could have been released.

No official completion or release date were ever announced for the project. Nevertheless the game was supposed to be a key future title in Microsoft's growing Kinect lineup. In fact, after the 2009 E3 showing, it was easy to poke around a few too many message boards and find many gamers interested in Kinect precisely for Milo. News reports state that Lionhead may end up using elements of the project in its upcoming RPG sequel, Fable III, but we'll have to wait for updated info on this before speculating any further.

Cartoon Network/Adult Swin NY ComicCon Panel Info

Going to this year's NY Comic Con (October 8-10)? Well, here's what Cartoon Network and Adult Swim have planned:

LOTS OF STUFF! Ha Ha. Click to read more (Free Shuttle Bus actually included)...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sega Launches Dreamcast Classics Over PSN, XBLA

Boom. That's all you need to know, folks.

OK, OK I'll toss in a few details...

Sonic Adventure NOW (and Crazy Taxi in November) available over PSN or Xbox Live are the first two games in Sega's re-master plan to capture the hearts and minds of gamers young and old while keeping that classic Sega flame alive and kicking amongst us hardcore Sega-philes out there. Sega is also promising even more titles are coming soon (yes!) and I'm definitely all for that. I'm gathering The new DC line will consist of Sega-produced titles only, so I'm hoping to see a few racers in the lineup (Daytona USA, Ferrari F355 Challenge) along with Sonic Adventure 2 and maybe even a RPG or two (Skies of Arcadia, anyone?)

Monday, September 20, 2010

ArcaniA - Gothic 4 to Get SecuROM Protection (No DRM!)

I'm actually pleased by this latest ArcaniA news, as I've never had any major issues with SecuROM protection in the past. The most pesky thing in past PC titles I've installed has been the occasional multi-disc game where the security code was printed ON the disc that was supposed to have the code entered manually (kind of impossible to do with the game in the DVD drive!) or cases where a manual said to insert Disc 2 or 3 when it should have been Disc 1 or 4.

Anyway, No silly DRM issues and a one-time online registration means more folks can actually play the game and enjoy it without having to get cranky about being connected ALL the time. POW! Take THAT, you certain other publishers punishing consumers while making the pirates chuckle at your weak sauce attempts to stop them.*

ArcaniA - Gothic 4 hits stores on October 12, 2010 for Xbox 360 and PC. The PlayStation 3 version currently has no release date, but we'll update that as development continues.

(*No, I don't condone ANY sort of stealing of games, folks, BUT, I do hate the means in which major publishers kick honest gamers in the head with Draconian methods, grrrrr...)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gallery: Knights Contract

Namco Bandai's PS3 and Xbox 360-bound super-stylized hack & slash (set for a 2011 release) is looking pretty interesting to my eyes. I love the freaky-looking enemies along with the wild color usage in these screens. The game's plot has a resurrected witch (Gretchen, on the left) and her executioner (Heinrich, right) traveling a decimated medieval land eliminating assorted beasties. Expect the game to most likely garner a Mature rating, thanks to quite a bit of blood and gore.

Review: Halo: Reach

Platform: Xbox 360

Developer: Bungie

Publisher: Microsoft

# of Players: 1-16

ESRB Rating: M (Mature)

Official Site

Score: A

If you even thought Bungie was going to make their final Halo title for Microsoft some sort of rushed to market affair with a big "seeya, suckers!" plastered into the end credits, you'd be dead wrong. Halo: Reach closes up shop more than nicely enough to be an instant classic no fan of the franchise should miss. From the solid campaign mode to the ridiculous amount of customization and user-creation options that guarantee the game's place among the most played Xbox 360 games, there's nothing that should stop you from owning (and keeping) this one in your collection. Granted, if you're a straight-up Halo hater for some reason, the game won't do much to sway your opinion. On the other hand, it's impossible not to recognize how solid Reach is as a total package.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Deus Ex: Human Revolution TGS Trailer

The latest trailer for Eidos Montreal's sci-fi epic shows off some nice visuals, an intentional palette choice that lends a generally downbeat tone to the action and well, some decent action. Square Enix might just have that game that clicks with a the action crowd...

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Kinect Trailer

No gameplay here - just a dramatic chunk of From Software packing in the guts 'n glory ('n mechs) by channeling a bit of Spielberg. Very cool, indeed. Nice touch at the end - just when you think you're about to see actual gamplay, the trailer is done and you're left hanging (and possibly wanting to run down to that game shop to slap down cash for a Kinect).

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Pre-Game Swag Is Noteworthy...

Here's some nifty Enslaved: Odyssey to the West gear courtesy Namco Bandai's PR department (thanks guys!). I really like the striking Monkey silhouette T a lot. The "journal" is pretty cool as well, although I can't see spoiling that artwork with my scribbles (even if it IS the same art on each and every page). Cool free swag or no, I'm pretty psyched to play the final version of this one. Back with more later...

Friday, September 17, 2010

Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon Teaser Trailer

This EDFIA teaser packs in 38 seconds of suspense while lending itself to as few minutes of questions. If it's created using the upcoming game's engine, I like the elements not found in the Sandlot-developed EDF titles such as the flames coming from buildings, exploding vehicles and blowing debris. That giant metal spider is a great touch, as are the redesigned spider models and better animation from those screaming civilians. OK, I'm sold - just get me some actual gameplay footage along with full details on all the game modes and I'll be even more giddy.

Disgaea 4 Announced (Annnnd... There Goes All My Free Time Forever - And Yours, Too!)

Nippon Ichi continues this week's absolute game-gasm with the announcement that Disgaea 4 is in production and should be ready for stealing hundreds upon hundreds of hours or your lives in 2011. Japanese logo to your left ("Duh!", says Etna) and three pieces of lovely character are below the jump (that Fuka's a real cutie, isn't she?).

There's also a Japanese teaser site for that's been up for a little while, but don't expect to uncover too much about the game just yet should you hop on over for a peek.

Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon Update: No Sandlot (!), BUT It's Still Going To Be A Blast

In only slightly shocking news (well, to some of you out there - I predicted this a few weeks back), Earth Defense Force series creator Sandlot is not involved in the development of the upcoming Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon. Instead, D3 has announced that veteran developer Vicious Cycle (Dead Head Fred, The Return of Matt Hazard) has taken on programming duty for the upcoming third-person shooter set for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 as a Spring 2011 release. The company's Vicious Engine is quite a versatile one, so I'm expecting the game to be a more than worthy expansion to the groundwork laid by Sandlot.

Breaking down the announcement piece by piece, let's start with the cover art:

Excellently done and it's nice how it's a riff on the cover to EDF 2017 (I see flying ants or wasps are back in the mix - yes!). So far, so good...

As for the developer... Even if you've never heard of Vicious Cycle, I'll bet you've probably played some of their games...

CONTEST! Rude Gameware Wants You to Win FREE Stuff

Full press release below the jump, but here's a chance for you (well, if you live in the U.S. of A.) to win some really cool audio gear from a really cool audio company. Of course, driving anyone crazy with certain types of music may mean you'll be too bruised up to make it to the post office to pick up your winnings, so take care not to try your winning ideas out on anyone exceptionally cranky

Your chance to win is a click away, so click already!

Update: Knights in the Nightmare PSP Screens

Six new screens from the upcoming PSP strategy/RPG/"bullet hell" shooter hybrid (*whew!*) set to hit retail and the PlayStation Network Store on November 9, 2010. Remember, for a limited time, buying a copy of either the retail or PSN version of the game nets you a FREE digital copy of the excellent PSP remake of Yggdra Union. Check out our other coverage of KITN here and here.

Phantasy Star Portable 2 Ready To Take Your Meseta

Sega has announced that Phantasy Star Portable 2 is now available at retailers across North America exclusively for the PSP. The plot this time out picks up three years after the events in Phantasy Star Universe, allowing players to become mercenaries in order to save the Gurhal system. The game also features the ability to play cooperatively or competitively against players from around the world using online play, plus the returns of Battle mode and challenge mode from classic PSO. There goes the rest of my free time for another six months... I'll get a gallery up over the weekend.

OK, Sega... now where's that Shining Force Complete Saga remake?

TGS 2010: Capcom & From Software's Steel Battalion Relaunch Gives Me The Kinect Jones

If it hasn't happened yet thanks to Demon's Souls and some of its other recent titles, From Software just might be a household name thanks to Capcom, Keiji Inafune and the return of a little game called Steel Battalion. The original was an Xbox exclusive produced in limited quantities and packed in a huge box with an amazing table-sized controller (complete with foot pedals, multiple switches and a working eject button). The game became an instant collector's item and has been for years, one of the most desired "niche" games on any platform. The sequel, Steel Battalion: Line of Contact was an online only expansion that (in my humble opinion) SHOULD have had an offline mode as not everyone who shelled out for the original game had an Xbox Live account. Nevertheless, both games were impressive hardcore mech simulations that required complete concentration and deft controller work in order to achieve success.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

TGS 2010: From Software. Project Dark. Yeah, it's On...

Given the huge critical and commercial success of Demon's Souls, I bet the folks at From are feeling pretty darn happy. Their next big game is the TGS-announced PS3 and Xbox 360 RPG, Project Dark, a title that will probably change as more is known and shown about the game. From what info there was to be unearthed, the upcoming game isn't a direct sequel to Demon's Souls at all, but is still geared to "hardcore" players that crave a true challenge.

As a HUGE fan of From's work since the original King's Field, I love how the veteran developer is finally being accepted amongst Western and European gamers as one of the best console RPG makers currently working. As noted above, Project Dark is currently set for release in Japan sometime in 2011 through Namco Bandai, according to the logos on the teaser site), but the game's Western publishing fate is currently unknown. Given From's new status as a "hot" developer, it'll really be interesting to see just who snaps up the game and what sort of localization and marketing muscle are behind any US release.

TGS 2010: Sony Announces Team Ico Collection, 3D Blu-Ray Firmware Update For PS3

Of course, Walmart was dead-on. At TGS 2010, Sony has revealed that yes, Team Ico has been working away on that Ico and Shadow of the Colossus collection for the PS3. The games will be in HD, support 3D and hit retail in 2011. Another spectacular trailer for The Last Guardian (edit: NOW set for a "Holiday 2011" launch - ah well...) was shown as well and quite a few games were announced that will take advantage of 3D technology. Naturally, Sony will be releasing another firmware update for the PS3 that allows for 3D Blu-Ray viewing.

Now, I just need the cash to actually afford a full 3D setup...

TGS 2010: Microsoft Announces Five Japanese-Developed Kinect Titles, XBLA FirePro, Radiant Silvergun, More!

Well, TGS is turning out to be full of interesting surprises, isn't it? Among other big news, it looks as if Microsoft's Kinect peripheral is getting some love from developers in Japan and all of a sudden, I'm actually thrilled that I can do a lot more than dance or exercise in front of my TV (yes!). I knew the "core" games were coming anyway, but it's nice to see the return of Steel Battalion, NanaOnSha back in action, a nice Sega surprise and (finally) another game from the director of Phantom Dust. Of course, I'm most thrilled about grasshopper manufacture and SUDA 51's new Kinect project, so I'm doing the happy dance in my chair as I type this post.

A bit from the press release below (clickety click!)...

TGS 2010: Capcom's Asura's Wrath: Now THAT'S What I Call A God Hand!

Or a "Good Lord!" Hand. The trailer to Capcom's ridiculously spectacular action game made my eyes pop and jaw drop on the first viewing, a second viewing had me cracking up for a solid two minutes or so. Holy cats, is this game going to be completely nuts or what? Cyber Connect 2 has always been one of my favorite Japanese developers since the days of the .hack games, but for a few years they've also been ceaselessly churning out a number of different Naruto games for Namco Bandai on the PS2, PSP and now, PS3...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gallery Update: Superstars V8 Racing

Six shiny new screens and two neat panel montages from Milestone's upcoming budget-priced PS3 exclusive racer, set to hit PSN this October thanks to the fine folks at O-Games. It may be a mere twenty bucks, but the game is packed with more than enough features to keep racing fans busy bees buzzing around tracks while they're waiting for a certain other high profile game on Sony's console. Love the four panel shots here, by the way! The make me want to go out and buy a new car even though I can't drive. Yeah, yeah... I live in NYC and the subway is my ride of choice.

Full game features ripped from the press release are just a click away...

Capcom's New DmC Makes Fanboys Cry At TGS 2010

Personally, I think it's awesome, this great teaming up of super-talented developer Ninja Theory and Capcom's demon-killing anti-hero. However, if you read a few too many message boards over the last few hours since the reveal, it's as if Capcom went around stabbing puppies with a ballpoint pen. On fire, yet.

Anyway, babies... please get over it already. It's a YOUNG Dante this time out, thus the lack of white hair. Smart gamers know that Ninja Theory can make some incredible games (Heavenly Sword was one of the great early PS3 must-haves and Enslaved: Journey to the West is spectacular from what I got to play of it), so what's the problem here?

Demon's Souls Reaches Greatest Hit Status

Yeah, yeah, Halo Reach is out (my review goes up this weekend), but in slightly cooler news, Atlus has announced that Demon's Souls is the latest member of Sony's PlayStation 3 Greatest Hits lineup. From Software's challenging dark fantasy RPG (and winner of numerous accolades) is headed to retail in a new packaging, which means first and second run copies will disappear from some retailers that make room for new stock. As a longtime Atlus supporter since 1992, yup, they're getting even more of my money...

TGS 2010: EA Reveals Shadows of the Damned (or: SUDA 51 + Mikami + Yamaoka = Instant Horror/Action Classic)

Electronic Arts' EA Partners branch has been exceptionally busy lately working with developers across the globe in order to bring gamers the best experiences across as many platforms as possible. There are a bunch of wickedly cool games coming your way, including what's looking to be a truly dark and twisted action/horror game from grasshopper manufacture/Suda 51 and Shinji Mikami featuring music by Akira Yamaoka. There's a big, honkin' EA press release to pore over below along with five early screen shots for Shadows of the Damned that show of some nicely detailed character models and excellent color usage.

I did get a chuckle from speaking with a fellow editor about the the game's plot outline, though. There was an offhand remark made about Suda-san either not hearing of EA's Dante's Inferno or perhaps he'd actually played the game and thought it needed "more grasshopper!" Eh, you had to be there to appreciate the joke, I guess - it comes off as lousy when read.

No matter, though. SotD should be a killer experience, especially with Mikami's input and what's more than likely going to be a superbly memorable score from Yamaoka (Silent Hill's soundtrack still gives me the chills).

Press release and screens to go below:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Review: Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions

Platform: PS3 (also available on Xbox 360/Wii/DS)

Developer: Beenox

Publisher: Activision

# of Players: 1

ESRB Rating: T (Teen)

Official Site

Score: B

Once you get used to its quirks, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is one of the more fun superhero games you'll play this year. After a couple of years of mission-based open world Spider-Man games (with Web of Shadows being the best to date), Activision and developer Beenox have smartly decided to shake things up by letting everyone's web-slinger have at it in a new game featuring a more tightly focused selection of stages, four very different art styles and an overall sense of flair that permeates nearly every part of the game. Some camera issues (that can hopefully be patched) make wall-crawling a bit frustrating in spots but overall, the game can be a ton of fun to play and no cakewalk at all thanks to some great boss battles.

John Daly's ProStroke Golf Website Swings Into Action

O-Games has announced that the official site for John Daly ProStroke Golf has gone live. Of course, you're also welcome to follow the game on Facebook and Twitter if you're so inclined. The follow up to 2007's innovative PlayStation 2, Xbox and PSP title is set to hit the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC in October. As a fan of the original, I'm psyched to hop onto the virtual green and take the new game for a spin. Before you even ask, yes, the PS3 version will indeed support the new PlaySation Move controller, so it'll also be interesting to see how Daly stacks up against Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 swing for swing.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Walmart Reveals PS3 Ico/Shadow of the Colossus HD Bundle

After the success of God of War Collection last year and this year's upcoming The Sly Collection for the PS3, I figured Sony was going to do this collection at some point and thanks to Walmart's web site, it's pretty much a done deal. In case you're scratching your head about how they have this listed before other major game retailers, well that's the power of Walmart for you. They're so darn huge that they're no doubt allowed to list products that far ahead just because it's good for Sony, Walmart and Walmart's customers who can either pick up the game or have it shipped to arrive on day one.

Anyway, that eyebrow raising April 1, 2011 release date is probably subject to slip a bit, as I'm betting they're only allowed to list titles up to Q1 until an actual release date comes from SCEA.

Or something like that.

Anyway, if it's real it's damn good news (and about time, Sony!). Now if only Capcom would get on the ball and redo the Mega Man Legends/Tron Bonne games in HD and Sega would do Shining Force Complete Box and Panzer Dragoon Complete Box, I'd be an even happier camper!

(Yeah, those last three game sets all in my fertile little mind, but c'mon, folks. They'd SELL like water in the Sahara).

The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest Gallery Update

PAX screens from all the versions of AQ after the jump - PS3/Wii/PSP and DS. Interestingly enough, Amazon still shows a PS2 version on their site with the same October 12 release date as the others, but we'll have to see if that one actually ships. I'm liking the cartoony visuals in the console versions - they're reminiscent of Torchlight a tiny bit, aren't they? based on available info, I'm gathering all the games will be pick up and play "casual" fun, but I find that sort of thing relaxing, believe it or not. We'll have to see how the Move controls stack up to the Wii version and if the portable games are as fun as a good chase 'n chop should be.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Natsume Announces Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals To Hit Retail Next Month

Ah, Lufia... I can remember both excellent SNES games like the back of my hand (did you know the first game was supposed to come out on the Sega Genesis as well?). Anyway, Natsume has announced that Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals for the Nintendo DS will be in stores on October 12, 2010. I absolutely LOVE the artwork, particularly the more realistic look of Maxim, Lufia and the rest of the gang in this installment. Hmmm... I'm getting those warmly nostalgic waves of JRPG-induced insomnia already! That's a good thing, by the way.

More info and screens are a click away...

Goldeneye 007 "Reimagining" Trailer

Yet another excellent look at what just may be one of the best Wii titles of 2009 as well as one of the best game remakes to date. Yep, this one's going to be quite a blast in single AND multiplayer.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Xseed Announces Ys: The Oath in Felghana Limited Edtion

As I keep saying, this is the best year ever for the PSP and Xseed Games has contributed a number of great RPGs to the handheld's growing library of strong 2010 (and beyond) titles. Hot on the heels of the fantastic Ys Seven and set for release later this year is Ys: The Oath in Felghana, which will also get a Limited Edition box set that comes with some cool stuff. Read on for more info and hey, join the Ys Facebook page if you haven't already!

Atlus Update: Buy Knights in the Nightmare, Get Yggdra Union FREE!

If Knights in the Nightmare coming to the PSP wasn't enough hardcore goodness (actually, greatness), Atlus is sweetening the pot by offering up a VERY cool bonus. For a limited time, all retail and PSN download copies of the game will include a voucher for a FREE download of the complete version of the PSP remake of Yggdra Union. As Princess Yggdra is a bonus playable character in KITN, Atlus is giving players a chance to experience her story in yet another excellent, super-stylized SRPG. I guess I should also let you know that the game's release has slipped a tiny bit to November 9, 2010, but it's not a huge delay (and besides, you're getting TWO games for the price of one here!)...

Sounds like a plan! I'm off to learn just how to pronounce "Yggdra", as I keep endlessly rolling my g's and end up sounding like a busted Model T engine...

SplitFish To Debut New FRAGFX Controller Series for PlayStation 3, MAC, PC On 11/1

I've been a fan of SplitFish's unique game controllers since the PS2 days, so it's cool to see the company continuing to update their innovative technology and drop an even more improved product onto the scene. Here's info on the next generation of FRAGFX controllers set to hit retail this November.