Monday, December 31, 2012


Well, it's not quite 2013 here, but yeah - hopefully your year will be better than this one was. the NEW DAF is back in action and going strong, so pop in over thataway and sign up if you haven't. Lots of fun stuff is in the works and you should be a part of it, ladies and gents!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Man of Steel Trailer # 2: Reboot of the Blue Suit Just Might Work Well For Most Fans...

Oops - the darn html code for the trailer disappeared when I hit Post! Anyway, here you go!


I'm liking this new trailer more than the first one for a few reasons, but I'm still not too fond of that blood-drained color palette so many modern films overuse. Look, I get that this is a darker, more emo Supes and all, but I'd like to have some more colors popping where applicable (but not quite like the old comics and their 4 color overkill, though). The big Q's will e how's the final cut and is this a better Superman than Richard Donner's 1977 flick? I think the jury is out until the film is released, but I also think both will be seen as great for their separate eras by fans of the comics and films from then and now.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Random Film of the Week: Fiend Without A Face

Yup, this is re-posted from the other DAF blog just to have something up daily here. I'm still transferring content to the new blog from here, so I may as well add selected posts from time to time. Lazy? Hah! Not really, as I'm in the middle of writing a stack of game reviews and figuring out what to do with a THIRD site (eek)- enjoy!


If you're old enough and recall camping out in front of the TV on Friday or Saturday nights long after the sun went to sleep (Chiller Theater or Creature Features, anyone?), you probably saw a ton of horror and sci-fi flicks from the 50's and 60's. For some reason, Hollywood's "B" movie makers were brain-obsessed during this period, churning out films good to terrible with titles such as Donovan's Brain, The Brain From Planet Arous, The Brain That Wouldn't Die and so forth and so on. All those brains on screen and yet, the best one wasn't even made in the USA. For years I always thought Fiend Without A Face was a US-made "B" flick, but I just found out recently that it's British. Oops. Granted, that doesn't make it any "classier" at all - it's just yet another reason you should check out this classic 1958 sci-fi/horror gem.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's That Time of Year (Again)...

Holiday season. Whee. People running around jamming elbows into ribs when they could sit at home or in a coffee shop somewhere and buy the same (or better bargains). people buying cheap HDTV's big and small that are actually really bad deals when it comes to picture quality, getting suckered into a new phone or device when their older one is working fine and so forth and so on. Bleh. I'm not a big fan of all this holiday hype, as it taps into some people who should know better and makes them NUTS when they could do all that gift-buying during the year, sock stuff away and hand it out when they finally get that tree or whatever up and decorated. Meh, whatever - I'll be home sipping adult beverages and sleeping near my anti-air guns. Santa better have some good radar on that sleigh is all I'm sayin'. OK< I'm not THAT much of a Grinch - I'll have a few Holiday Gift Guide suggestions on the other DAF site. Well, there are some ALREADY posted if you just do a simple search over there...