Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Random Release News (Or If It's Tuesday, It Must Be DLC Day...)

Yikes - plenty of new games and games news hit the inbox today, so instead of individual postings, a rapid-fire approach is in order. In general, August is flying out with a big ol' bang and September is rolling in with an even bigger set of booms. Here we go with part one:

Preview/Gallery: Lucha Libre: Heroes Del Ring

Konami has a super high-flying, action-packed wrestling game coming your way and nope, it's not another Rumble Roses installment. Lucha Libre: Heroes Del Ring (PS3/Xbox 360/Wii) is shaping up to be a ridiculously fun mix of arcade-style gameplay and plenty colorful characters from the hugely popular Mexican wrestling circuit. At Konami's Gamer's Night NYC event last week, I got to see and play a bit of the PS3 version of game and found it not only immediately accessible, but both fun, challenging and surprisingly informative about the south of the border version of the sport.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Hudson + Lost in Shadow + Child's Play + Facebook = A Great Cause!

You have to love Child's Play and Hudson for teaming up for the charity with a simple yet extremely awesome Facebook idea YOU can help with. How? Just boogie on over to the official Lost In Shadow Facebook page and "Like" the game. What is Lost in Shadow, you ask? Heck, it's looking like an amazing, ethereal Wii adventure like no other on the console, so you also get a chance to find out more about it (bonus!).

Once you "Like" the game page, Hudson will donate ten cents to Child's Play - now how great is that? Want to contribute even more? Well, just change your profile pic on Facebook to a shadow of its former self (any shadow will do) and Hudson will up that contribution to a dollar.

I'm off to snap a new pic now. So far the LOS page has a mere 58 likes... let's change that in a BIG way, OK? The event ends on September 7, 2010, so don't wait! By the way, Lost in Shadow is set to hit retail on January 4, 2011 - back with more on the game shortly. The press release is below le jump if you want to check it out.

Disney Interactive Announces Epic Mickey, TRON: Evolution Collector's Editions

With two of the most anticipated (and definitely two of my most anticipated) game releases this year, Disney Interactive Studios is definitely putting Disney Epic Mickey and TRON: Evolution fans on notice that they're in for some really cool collector's editions. There's also a cool TRON iPhone/iPod Touch app from Disney Mobile that's free and has a few fun features (that updated version of Tanks is pretty darn cool, by the way.

Click away below for press releases and nice photos. Now if only someone would get one of those fancy custom bike shop wizards to cook up a WORKING life-size Tron light cycle replica...

Enslaved To Take Over YouTube Tomorrow (And Yes, There Are Prizes To Be Won There)

Namco Bandai and Ninja Theory's upcoming cinematic action game goes supremely viral tomorrow over YouTube and gamers will have the chance to not only watch game footage and download lots of cool stuff, but pre-order the game from GameStop AND potentially score some REALLY slick Enslaved: Journey to the West themed prizes. You all like prizes, don't you? Well... read on, then!

(As for me, just get me a copy of the PS3 version and a working time machine so I can play through the game a few dozen times in a day. Hell, I don't ask for much now, do I?

Clash of the Titans Weekly DLC Updates Listing

Fans of the Game Republic-developed recently released movie game Clash of the Titans can expand their hack 'n slash adventures with Perseus even further thanks to the new DLC Namco Bandai has started dropping onto PSN and Xbox LIVE as of a few days ago. Yes, this would have gone up on the 25th, however, my overzealous spam filter ate the press release and some other important mail. I happened to poke around in there looking for some lost stuff earlier today and well, here you go...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Konami Gamers Night 2010 (With Hudson, Too!)

Konami Gamers' Night NYC - 2010 Edition

Konami rolled into NYC with a varied lineup of excellent games, this time with the remainder of their 2010 lineup and special guests Hudson Soft for a great gathering of games guaranteed to get you moving in one manner or another. While there wasn't a Snake to be found anywhere in sight, there were more than enough great games to keep everyone who dropped by glued to a monitor, hip-hopping as loudly as possible or flailing away working up a good sweat as a singer, dancer, mini-gamer extraordinaire or sports star.

About 20 titles were on display from both new Castlevanias, two console classics remade for today's consoles, a surprisingly fun wrestling game and plenty of guaranteed musical and mini-game hits headed for the Wii as well as the upcoming Move and Kinect peripherals. I'll be covering a few of these titles in depth over the next week or so with galleries and/or hands-on impressions (denoted by *), but for now, here's a quick rundown of what was on the floor:

Wave of the Future (Part I)* : A Look At Sony's PlayStation Move

Alright, I'll confess: I'll admit to initially not liking the Move's final design when I saw it as Sony's E3 press conference. Fortunately, that petty bit of nonsense on my part lasted less than two whole minutes. System bias is indeed a bad thing, but controller bias can really make one a bit too irrational. In the end, it was all about the games and how well the peripheral works with them. At Sony's Holiday 2010 event, I had the chance to play a number of Move games and ended up more than happy with the new controller.

As soon as you see and the pick up the Move, there are subtle to very noticeable differences that make it more intuitive to use and much more responsive than the Wii Remote. Additionally, unlike Microsoft's Kinect, the fact that you have a controller in your hand really makes a difference in certain games.

Gallery: Dungeon Defenders

To quote Al Pacino as Michael Corleone in Godfather III: "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in again...".

Case in point, Trendy Games' spectacular-looking Dungeon Defenders, which promises to bring a blend of Tower Defense-style strategy and hack 'n slash Action/RPG combat bliss to PSN and XBLA this fall. I thought I was all done with Tower Defense games after the last dozen or so I played and here comes DD, winking and looking all sassy in that Unreal 3 engine-powered skirt. Damn...

Friday, August 27, 2010

2D-X Interviews Spider-Man Voice Actor Dan Gilvezan

Hey! The folks at 2D-X have scored an EXCLUSIVE interview with Dan Gilvezan who voiced Spider-Man in Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends back in the 80's. He talks about his work in Activision's upcoming Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions, a bit of Transformers, and the craft of voice acting. Head on over and check it out as it's quite a fun read (don't forget to get back here at some point!).

Dead Rising 2 High Stakes Edition Announced (Go, Capcom!)

Blast you Capcom and Blue Castle Games! Here I am, merely wanting ONE version of Dead Rising 2 for the collection and BOOM! First that very cool Dead Rising 2 Zombrex Collector's Edition and now this insanely awesome Dead Rising 2 High Stakes Edition... which is ONLY available in limited quantities at the Capcom online store! Yaaaaaaah!!!

So, what's in the High Stakes Edition, you ask? Well, click below to find out...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rock Band 3 DS Track Listing

Short and to the point, here's the complete set list for the upcoming Nintendo DS version of RB3, set to hit stores along with the console versions this October. While there are only 25 tracks, you'll get some great ones here for your virtual (and portable) band to play. Having missed out on the previous DS installments, I'm intrigued by how the experience will differ from the peripheral-centric PS3, 360 and Wii versions. Guess I'll find out soon enough...

Gallery Update: Blood Stone 007

Could Bizarre Creations' upcoming Bond game be the best one made this generation (well, next to the remake of Goldeneye 007)? Well, I don't have a clue, but it's sure looking pretty damn good. A few new images to ogle are below.

Still Awake With Games To See Shortly...

Amusingly enough, I've a Konami meeting in about 6 hours (eek). Well, off to get some sleep. With my luck, I'll end up having to play Saw II first and paying for it later with some freaky dreams. Ah well, I actually liked the first game, so then again... I may sleep like a baby tonight.

Anyway, updates to follow when I get back - Hudson Soft will also be there with a handful of upcoming games, so... bonus!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

GameStop's HaloFest Gets Underway

Want a chance to get together with other Halo: Reach fans, enter a contest or two and WIN some cool Halo related swag? Well, read on, MacDuff!

Preview: Knights in the Nightmare PSP

"Are You READY...?" For those of you who missed it, 2009's Knights in the Nightmare on the Nintendo DS was an innovative mix of isometric tactical JRPG, RTS, a bit of chess and fast-paced stylus driven "bullet hell" style shooting with a deep, complex (and often quite dramatic) storyline. The often brutal level of difficulty in the game thanks to many factors that required actual thought pre-battle and deft dancing of the stylus hand in battle made KITN a bit of a sleeper for the handheld (and a slightly expensive collectible these days). Developer Sting has taken the game and reworked it for the PSP into what's looking like one of those truly hardcore experiences for those that love their games to bite back hard.

TRON Evolution Hands-On Preview

Propaganda Games is toiling away like mad on two licensed games I'm really looking forward to: Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned and TRON: Evolution. While both titles are being published by Disney Interactive Studios, core gamers in the loop are anticipating each game for a number of reasons. I got to try a bit of the PS3 version of Evolution at Sony's excellent Holiday showcase and came away impressed by what's looking to be the rare licensed movie game that goes above and beyond the call.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

O-Games' Superstars V8 Racing Headed To PS3 As PSN-Only Download

“The breadth, depth and quality of Superstars V8 Racing make it one of the best racing games available on PlayStation Network,” said Greg Lanz, general manager of O-Games, Inc. “Our original plan was to release this game at retail, but after considering all the options, we decided to release it exclusively through PlayStation Network. Superstars V8 Racing delivers a first-class multiplayer race experience with world-renowned cars that will thrive with this audience. In addition, O-Games can sell Superstars V8 Racing for a lower price since we do not have to pay the costs to manufacture, package, and ship the product to retail. The bottom line? Gamers can now own a $40 game for half the price they would pay in-store.”

Translation: How can you tell the recession is still going strong? Well, one area where publishers are cutting costs is in the actual production of games. Even for what would be considered a great deal at $40, it costs a lot to get a boxed game to retail. Allowing that same title to be downloaded makes it easier for gamers to get a new release with a credit card and a few button presses.

Gallery: Darkspore

EA, EA Play and Maxis have been a little bit busy with their hugely popular Spore franchise, spreading the game to more than just PC users since its release. Darkspore is yet another interesting detour for the multi-million selling series that looks to capitalize on a few familiar genres while keeping the same level of creative freedom found in the source material. An isometric Action/RPG headed to PC gamers as an online MMO-style experience, the game is also set to hit "multiple platforms" according to the official press release.

From the screens below, it looks as if the familiar Spore character creation and customization options will be on board, but for me, the icing on the cake is that lovely isometric viewpoint and what looks like fast-paced gameplay packed with loot drops, level ups and big, bad bosses to take down with some effort. However, as much as I'm loving these screen shots, I have a wee bit of a problem with the game...

Gallery: Vanquish

Sega and PlatinumGames are going to turn your living room into a futuristic battlefield with Vanquish, set to explode onto the PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 19. This third-person sci-fi shooter mixes highly dynamic, lightning-paced combat with cover-based shooting mechanics. Here's a look at a bunch of amazing screens (love those powerslides the main character can pull off!):

Gallery: Portal 2

Hah! Game delays don't bother me at all, folks. In the case of Portal 2, it just means more time for Valve to make an even better game across every platform (so there!). Besides, it also gives me a good chance to actually add a nice all-in-one gallery to the site that features the E3 and more recent Gamescom screens, the brief tease-filled trailer and the hilariously unsubtle Infographics signage (each of which absolutely begs to be clicked on and read rather thoroughly).

So what are you waiting for? (click below)*

Monday, August 23, 2010

Gallery Update: Dead Space 2

Four lovely new Gamescom screens from EA and Visceral's upcoming sci-fi/horror smash. Issac is back and he's got a bunch of new "friends" that all want to play not so nicely. These shots are tame compared to the jump under your seat scary demo build, but hey - this means I can run them here and not get shot at by the ESRB... enjoy!

New Goldeneye 007 Multiplayer Trailer

And here you go - note how the trailer asks and answers that obvious question for you? Yeah, this one is looking like it's going to be a winner no matter which mode you choose.

Gallery Update: Goldeneye 007

More nice Goldeneye shots, this time from the game's multiplayer modes and maps. As a bonus, click below for some great-looking screens from the DS version (which means I also need to put that one down on my want list!) - enjoy!

Gallery: The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest

Here you go - Box art and screens for each of the console and handheld versions of WBIE's upcoming action game. When the game was initially announced last year, there was to be a PlayStation 2 version as well. However, I'm guessing that one has been canned (well, at least in the US) as there were no images sent along with what's here. Ah well...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gallery: Mortal Kombat

Well, a mere five screens isn't more than a super tease, but Warner Bros. Interactive wants MK fans to know that the franchise is indeed back and in fine hands. These shots show off the nicely detailed character models along with two maps, The Desert and The Bell Tower.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Gallery: Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland

Nippon Ichi's US branch is still merrily publishing some of the most fun niche JRPGs available and their upcoming PS3 release of Gust Co.'s Atelier Rorona: the Alchemist of Arland should absolutely please fans of this style of game. As you can see from the gallery below, the game looks fantastic using an excellent mix of lovingly detailed 2D portraits with 3D characters and environments.

NISA has also announced that two slightly different Premium Box versions of the game will be available. The first version can only be purchased at GameStop where pre-ordering the game will get you a beautiful 32-page hardcover full color art book. The other Premium Box will only be available through the NISA Online shop where that particular pre-order gets you the art book along with the official game soundtrack CD.

Gallery: Bonk: Brink of Extinction

Hudson's ancient (but forever young) cave dude just won't drop off the planet, but that's actually a good thing for TG-16 fans who remember spending countless hours head-bumping and jumping through some classic adventures. Here's a fistful of screens from the upcoming platformer currently in development at Pi Studios and set for release over PSN, WiiWare and XBLA later this year. Single player and two player co-op modes will be on board and yes, side-scrolling action is in full effect along with a few new abilities.

It's too bad this new Bonk game isn't shipping on a disc along with all the rest of the classic Bonk games with a fancy schmancy name like "Bonk's Collection" or something like that... I'd pay good money for that (plus a full-color artbook) any day of the week.

More Random Art

Swamp Thing in "normal" and 8-bit forms thanks to more intermittent fooling around with MS paint during a few minutes of downtime this week - now, back to the updates!