Tuesday, February 19, 2013

WIN FREE STUFF! Urban Trial Freestyle PSN Codes (PS3/Vita) Up For Grabs!


UTF_TallOK, OK - you've been asking me to give more stuff away, soooo here you go. Thanks to the fine folks at Tate Multimedia, I have three Urban Trial Freestyle PS3 and three Vita codes here (for the North American PSN store) burning a hole in my inbox. I think six DIFFERENT people out there could use a fun blast of slick visuals, challenging stunt and speed-based gameplay and a ton of replay value to keep them busy for a bit. I think that YOU just might be one of those people, right? So, HOW do you get one of these codes, you ask? Well, just head on over to the NEW DAF site and find out!

Don't take too long to respond, though...   You're almost there - a click away, in fact!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

It's Toy Fair Time Again!

Hey... it's that time of the year again, folks. It's said that he (or she) who has the most toys wins, which means Toy Fair ALWAYS wins every single year. I'll be there covering the big event from a few angles on the other DAF blog, so pop on by during the week of the show for some thoughts on stuff that I like. I'm going through my too-packed inbox making appointments, so I'm going to be busy as heck that entire week. Even better, Electronic Arts will be in NYC for their spring press event, so I'll have a few games to write about as well. Hmmm... sometimes I think need some interns or something, as I have too much on my plate every so often. But then again, it costs a lot to care and feed interns and no one makes that perfect robot companion that can do it all, so I guess I'm flying solo once again!