Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 3 Trailer: So, Prison Was A Bad Idea After All, Huh?


I still haven't read the comics yet (other than six pages of the first issue), so I'm really not one of those complaining about anything different from the books or how Season Two wasn't packed top to bottom with zombie slaughterhouse action every single episode. I loved much of the pacing and tension in the last season and hell, that payoff was worth it in the last few shows, right? Season Three looks to be a bit more chaotic, but I'm hoping to hell the show's writers aren't going to respond to EVERY criticism about downtime by going full-tilt with the weapons to the head or flesh-chomping just to feed those who can't grasp a damn great story that takes TIME to evolve their weekly meal. Given that the comic has hit issue #100, I can see the show going on for a while... but I'd say they'd need to replace (or get rid of) some characters before they start getting too old to be the ages they're supposed to portray...

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