Tuesday, November 20, 2012

On the Hunt for a Host (The DAF Saga Continues!)

Hmmm. So... here we go again, huh. I actually did find a new host for the blog, but it'll take me a bit to prepare for the move. I'm going to probably import some recent posts here just so I have that older content up for the month while I get set for some (more) MAJOR work. I'm actually more amused than annoyed, as I figured something crappy would happen with the new site before the year was out. Of course, I didn't expect to be nuked off Wordpress (boo!), but oh well. At least I can export my XML file and hopefully not need to go crazy re-reformatting work.

Ah, technology...

In the meantime, my Wii U is arriving today, so I'll get to finally crack open some games and get to playing at some point (stupid mandatory update aside). Reviews incoming!

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