Saturday, May 31, 2014

May's Game of the Month: Wolfenstein: The New Order

Well, it was going to be Ubisoft's open world action game Watch_Dogs, but I found myself slightly more impressed with Machine Games' big deal FPS featuring the return of B.J. Blazkowicz to the gaming scene in a visually powerful shooter that actually has a decent story, NO multiplayer modes and even gives you the classic original Wolfenstein 3D as an easy to nab bonus so you can see how far things have come. Anyway, what are you doing reading this HERE when you can check out more and better stuff over at the NEW DAF? Yeah, yeah - I know I'm keeping this old blog going by a thread, but that's only thanks to me needing to reformat about a thousand old posts into Wordpress and needing this site up fora while longer as I slog through that process...

It'll get done eventually, but in the meantime, go take a gander at the stuff I'm doing on, sign up if you haven't and let me know if you like what you see!

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