Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gallery: Dark Souls (Featuring the Scariest Sewer Rat In Gaming)

Although I've known this since the days of King's Field and the first Armored Core on the original PlayStation, FromSoftware is quite the powerhouse studio, developing a wide variety of games across many different genres for nearly every major game console since 1994. The upcoming hardcore Action/RPG Dark Souls is looking to be their best work to date, as you'll see in this stunning collection of production art and screen shots.
After poring over these screens and art for a few hours, I'd bet real money that Namco Bandai pretty much has an instant Game of the Year contender that's probably going to crush the souls of some players expecting every game to come with a gentle learning curve as standard issue. If Demon's Souls was any indication, I'm betting the new game will be even more unforgiving.

PS3 owners already know the game is going to rock, but Xbox 360 owners are also getting lucky this time out, as this follow-up (but not a sequel!) to Demon's Souls will also be appearing on Microsoft's console as well. Er, except if you happen to live in Japan, where it's a PS3 only release.

Enjoy the images - more to come as they're released.

And yeah... that damn sewer rat screen freaks me out.. those EYES!

Concept Art

Game Screens

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