Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Atlus to Set Catherine Loose on Gamers This Summer!

EXCELLENT. Thank you, Atlus! After a ton of interest from gamers outside of Japan even as the game's developers said they had no plans to localize the PS3/360 game for Western audiences, the (no doubt going to be) Mature-rated horror/puzzle/strategy game hybrid is headed for a US release this summer. There was a HUGE teaser e-mail sent out last week that used the same pink background as well as a line from the game, so it was easy to figure out what was what. I ran a few movies on the other blog a few weeks back, but I'll be updating.both sites with image galleries once I get shots of the US version in action. Awesome - I guess I'll be getting both versions since they're doing the dual cover thing (yeah, I'm THAT crazy).

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