Monday, March 14, 2011

On Japan: No News Is Not Good News and Ignorance Isn't Bliss...

While some folks have seemed to it's tough to simply go into a "life goes on..." mode given the current situation in Japan. Most of the folks I know there are OK and the ones I haven't heard from yet I'm keeping an ear to the ground for news when I can. If you want to help, getting on a plane isn't recommended, as even the government there is discouraging travel (unless of course you're showing up on a Navy transport). Feel free to give to a LEGITIMATE relief organization if you've the funds (check out anyone you're donating to fully, don't just click or ring up funds to some random "Donate NOW!" site).

Meanwhile, back at the ranch - I got a review copy of Yakuza 4 on Friday (thanks, Scott!) and was a few hours in when I heard the earthquake news, so I haven't played all that much since. I've been pretty much contacting folks and eyeballing a few news channels from different world locations. It's definitely an interesting comparison between NHK's matter of fact presentation and any US networks and their annoying "play that slow piano tragedy theme" coverage that falls into the same pattern no matter what the event is. Ugh. Anyway, off to try and get some work done. Hey Hide J! If you're somewhere reading this, ring me up, dude.

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