Thursday, March 1, 2012

Silent House: A Nicely Creepy, Single Shot Horror Flick Coming To A Theater Near You...


I'm posting this here instead of the new DAF blog as Wordpress gets kind of funky about embedded stuff like this. OK, I finally saw the commercial for Silent House last night and while it didn't really scare me, I love the real-time, done in a single shot aspect of the film as well as some of the "jump out" scares common to the horror scene. I really hope it's well paced and doesn't suffer from a lot of the logic flaws that have plagued other real-time movies in other genres. Will it be like Hitchcock's classic ROPE, or more of an 88 Minutes? We shall see on March 9, I guess. In any event, new horror films always do well at the box office, so there's that. Feel free to hit up the official site link above or the Facebook and Twitter pages for more info and updates.

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