Thursday, March 22, 2012

Yesterday's News: Gamers Get Girls (Plus Some Actual Advice)

Gamers Get Girls
Created by: Online University

Hey, I didn't write this, the folks at Online University did, compiling it from a few sources. Since I posted this yesterday on the other DAF blog, I had another amusing thought: This is kind of sexist in a wacky way IF you know any gal gamers like I do who may be in the same boat or perfectly pleased with whomever they're seeing. Maybe OU can do a FemGeek version of this ad just for the lonelier ladies out there who think there's no one for them with the same interests. Then again, it always seems like guys have the hardest time justifying their hobby with their potential significant others, even to the point of tip-toeing lightly around the fact that they play games even after they've committed to the ol' ball and chain. Stupid move, I say. Grow some and learn to communicate better from the start, get the respect you deserve and SHARE those games, ya dopes!

"That'll be five cents, please!"

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