Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

Yeah, yeah, I'm a few days early, but hey, better too early than too late, right? Besides, given the fireworks that have been popping outside my window in the distance the last week or two, I'm actually a bit "late" already, according to some folks in a few neighborhoods around here. Amusingly enough, fireworks are allegedly "illegal" here in NYC, but every year we get a free show up here that lasts a few hours from the folks who manage to smuggle them in from the surrounding areas (as in states where they ARE legal).

Anyway, it's too damn HOT outside, there are way too many great, good and not so great games to play this year and next, the industry still can't admit there's a recession hurting sales at retail and online, we're moving too quickly towards the cloud as a solution for things it will fail at when, frankly speaking, shit goes down hard and so forth and so on.

Exciting times? Yes indeed, but don't get me started on politics, compulsive liars trying too hard to please the wrong people and those folks who don't have a clue still getting shafted by those they think have solutions. Just get me a pile of games and some decent moves and I'm sticking to those for the time being... Anyway, what are you dong reading THIS nonsense when you can check out (and sign up at) the NEW DAF? Go on, now... git! And thank you for doing so if you've already done so!

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