Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's October! Games & Movies Galore Month (But Isn't It Always?)...

OK, You're still here, huh? Well, you're missing out on the game and film reviews, dopey commentary and other junk on the NEW DAF, so there! Anyway, October is a pretty busy time everywhere, but this month in particular brings gamers a ton of awesome stuff like Resident Evil 6, Dishonored (my game of the month, if you want to know where the banner images is from - the other blog has a better header that's kind of Halloween themed) and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember because it's freakin' 8am and I've been up all night working on too many things AGAIN.

Anyway, let me shut up and go to sleep, but I'll leave you with a link that fits the season. NO, not Christmas, silly - some shops were putting up displays LAST MONTH (*Yaaaaaaa!!!!*), which was a bit annoying to see, but hey, the economy is kind of awful if you're not raking in the dollars as an online shop. Which is a nice segue to SINISTER CINEMA, a fine purveyor of things cinematic. OK, they sell "B" movie classics across a few genres on VHS (shocking!) and DVD and a bunch of cool books you might like if you're old and creaky like I am (or just have an interest in stuff like that). Anwyay, go check them out sometime, as website aside, they still do things the old-fashioned way when it comes to shipping what you pick out.

OK, basta es basta, as I hear the Sandman calling... or is that snoring?  Yup, once again, I think he's passed out on the chair in the other room (in front of the TV, actually). Ha! That sleepy sap with the nappy sack can't keep up with me!  

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