Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy Holidays To All (Or Else!)...

Random advice time! Whatever you celebrate, do it and have a damn good time doing it. Stay away from the crazies who want you to tumble into their gloomy un-holiday traps, imbibe and consume responsibly and if you're giving gifts, give from the heart first and the wallet last. Shut up and listen for a change if you're a big talker. Go squeeze a plush object if you're a big hugger and generally, be nicer to random strangers unless they're trying to ruin your day. Then, you have my permission to kick them with those Nutcracker boots you're wearing, which them a merry whatever and stroll away home for a cup of hot cocoa or home-made eggnog (or a carton of the store bought stuff with some special additive that's usually rum or some other adult spirity liquid). That is all. No, wait - in case you STILL don't know this: I'm writing over at Wordpress on the NEW DAF! So boogie on over, check the site out and sign up! It's you're gift to ME if you do this, as followers and hits keep me happy and I KNOW you're cheap when it comes to getting total strangers presents. Note: if you're NOT cheap and don't mind parting with a few thousand dollars, sure, I'll take it!

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