Saturday, February 1, 2014

February's Game of the Month: Earth Defense Force 2025


Yeah, it's not even out until the 18th of the month, but I've owned the Japanese version of the game since it came out last July and it's pretty amazing and VERY replayable, a great thing in this age of games you can blow through in less time that it takes to make a crock pot dish. EDF 2025's four distinct classes, 780 weapons, over 90 levels (with more coming through three DLC expansions) and both couch co-op and multiplayer modes means this one will be in some play stacks for a good long while.

Sure, it's not the "best" looking game and yes, developer Sandlot isn't whipping out visuals that are going to compete with the greatest-looking games of last generation. That said, the scale of the maps plus the level of destruction here is remarkable, and combined with the seemingly simple gameplay that grows deeper as the game gets more challenging, makes this one a keeper even after you've beaten it. Which will take weeks if you're going for every bit of content.

So yeah, BUY THIS GAME. PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 only (Sandlot doesn't make PC Games, sorry!).

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