Saturday, March 1, 2014

March's Game of the Month: Dark Souls II

But of course: Yes, I’m a little early, but based on some demo time and the fact that veteran developer FromSoftware didn’t water the experience down one bit (in fact, in a few ways the games is more challenging than previous Souls titles), Dark Souls II is my Game of the Month for March. Offline play is key for me and many others and while the game does have that wonderful and extremely annoying element of other live players being able to pop into your online game to stalk or assist you (or both), it’s in the solo mode where many new and veteran players will first poke around just to see if the game is as intense as ever (it is and then some). Add in the new game engine (which makes for some even lovelier character models, creepy as all get out enemies and lush, deadly environments – see the site banner and background), improved gameplay, a much bigger world to explore and a massive amount of replay value for an instant classic. No matter which version you get your hot little hands on, you’re guaranteed a VERY well crafted and rather intense and gloomy singular experience that’s also pretty interesting to watch someone play if you’re not into the gaming thing. March 11 is the date for the North American launch and I’m expecting some people to contract a strange flu-like non-flu for a few days around that time (myself included)…

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