Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nippon Ichi's Japan Aid Program Offers Up Prinnies Galore!

I'm liking all the excellent 1:1 donation projects whipped up by game companies (I bid on a few of Sega's awesome items and didn't win any, but I'm sure happy to have participated) and Nippon Ichi Software America has come up with a great way to support Japan relief a dollar (or more) at a time. Just click on over to the NISA online store HERE (or on that Prinny above) and donate a dollar (or more if you wish), which not only goes to the Red Cross, it nets you a huge honkin' file of amazing Prinny art that includes banners, wallpapers and plenty of avatar icons you can use to spread the good word. Jump on board if you haven't done so, spend a buck to help out and enjoy the Prinny goodness direct from NISA!

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