Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Urban Behavior Wants You To "Love Your Guts" For The Kids!

Urban Behavior is a LA-based fashion outlet definitely deserving a lot of props for supporting a number of key social issues such as the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and Paws for a Cause through its UB FREE and UB Kind tote bag projects. UB's newest tote bag aims to raise awareness and support the battle against children's diabetes. As you can see (look left... then right, please), they've got an awesome new bag out that's not only got a nifty design on both sides, it's for a very worthy cause.

The best thing is (other than the bag being a SUPER high quality product, as I can gladly attest to upon holding one in my hot little hands last week), it's only a mere $20, ALL of which goes to the Children's Diabetes Foundation. Boogie on over to UB's web site by clicking HERE (or below the photo packed with extra info about the bag below the jump) if you're interested in supporting CDF or any of the other causes UB is working with.

Oh, if you DO indeed snag a bag, be sure to SHARE where you got it from - that's called word of mouth, folks!

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