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Atlus Discovers Time Travel, Stuck in 1999!

All I'll say is I hope they get back safe and bring a couple of copies of Ogre Battle 64 back with them when they return. I sold mine off a while back and kind of wish I didn't. Atlus Faithful news from June '99 below the jump...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - June 23, 1999 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- This Week in News: Absolutely no new games releasing today in Japan

- Sony PlayStation or Nintendo 64: "Which is better?" (fan editorial)

- Y2K: "Why now is the time to panic" (staff editorial by Abjar Marabia)
- Movie Corner reviews Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (staff review)
- Reader Poll Results!
- And more!

Hey, Atlus Faithful subscribers! It's June 23rd!! That means we're just half a year away from a new millennium! As for this week's news, looks like there really isn't anything new out in Japan this week to talk about... but don't fret, because we've got some great editorials later on in this issue!

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Sony PlayStation or Nintendo 64: "Which Is Better?"

by Billy Ryerson (age 12)

Which system is the one to own, N64 or PS? Personally, I own both systems and I've got to say, it's really up to the kinds of games you like to play most! The PlayStation has a lot of great RPGs. (some of which we'd like to think are ours! - Ed.) The Nintendo 64 has some great games, too, particularly multiplayer ones like Starfox 64 and Mario Kart 64.

If you like all kinds of games, the right answer is probably to get both! It might be a lot of money but at least that way you'll never miss out. There's also the new PlayStation 2 that they announced is coming out.

I think it looks really cool, because blue is my favorite color, and I also hear it can play DVD movies. I guess it pretty much does everything!

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Y2K: "Why now is the time to panic" by Abjar Marabia

Faithful, this whole Y2K thing is the real deal and should not be taken lightly.

If you do any research, you'll find out that basically all of our really important computer technology--banks, government stuff, etc--is set to totally wig out when the calendar hits 00. Rumor has it everything might stop working. I'm going to go ahead and plan like it will, and I suggest you do the same.

Here are some helpful Y2K tips:

  • Seal your favorite games in waterproof containers. Otherwise they'll lose resale value after the new millenium's devastating floods, and the manuals will be too soggy to read.
  • Pack your systems in plastic bags. That way they'll be easier to sling over your shoulder and carry with you while trekking through the wastelands of civilization foraging for food.
  • Get rid of any post-apocalyptic games in your library. Not only will the horrifying mutants of the 21st century probably not appreciate some of the more unfair mischaracterizations, but it also makes it less likely you'll severely depress yourself.
  • Spend your gaming fund! Saving money for that favorite game? Assume it won't come out and make more practical use of the cash by buying water and crackers instead.

Tail Concerto (PS)

Tail Concerto for PlayStation is an anime-themed action-adventure/platformer. Check out these great scores from GamePro:

Pre-order your copy today from these and other retailers!

Last time, we asked you, "Is there anything you regret that you wish you could go back and redo?"

Here's a few of our favorite answers!

Chang Liu from Washington said, "I wouldn't have bought an iMac. It looked so cool, but I can't do anything on it! Stupid blueberry computer!"

"MarsDragon" from the Internet said, "I would have seen the Matrix a couple more times in theaters. It was awesome, but it's not gonna look as good on VHS."

Finally, Greg Mah from Florida said, "I wish I'd gotten a PSX instead of a N64! All the good RPGs are coming out for PlayStation now! At least Snowboard Kids is fun..."

Staff Review

3.5 /4 stars

Star Wars fans were treated to George Lucas' long awaited first entry in the prequel trilogy of the legendary sci-fi series last month. The Atlus team stayed up late for a midnight showing and overall everyone seemed to walk away impressed.

First off, while there were parts of the story that slowed down, or characters that weren't favorites, the one thing we all agreed on was that the special effects were awesome. One staff member was like "this movie is going to age so well, I mean, just look at how good the older movies look today."

The lightsaber battles did not disappoint, with [SPOILER ALERT] Darth Maul going up against both Qui-gon Jin and Obi-Wan Kenobi... at the same time! And with a two-sided light saber. Amazing!

It seemed the best part for most of the staff was the intense 12-minute long pod race.

All in all, we think this one will go down as a classic like alongside the original trilogy, and you can totally see the seeds being planted for two more awesome prequels!

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