Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gallery Update: Shadows of the Damned

The one-two punch of doom from Shinji Mikami and Suda 51 continues with these screens from the upcoming single player horror action game, set to hit the PS3 and Xbox 360 on June 21, 2011. I personally can't wait to play this as I'm a HUGE fan of Killer 7, No More Heroes and other Suda/grasshopper manufacture games. I'd say Resident Evil fanatics looknig for something a lot more bizarre and mature should also give this a spin and if you loved Deadly Premonition, well... you probably got your pre-order in already. The mix of Suda and Mikami's always intriguing mindsets coupled with the bizarre visuals should make SOTD a keeper of a sleeper. Will the more jaded gamers out there "get" this mixture of action and twisted psycho-horror? I guess we'll see if it all pays off in a few weeks, huh?

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