Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi Hands-On

If there was any doubt that Dragon Ball Z had staying power after all these years, Namco Bandai's upcoming brawler should squash that like oh so many bugs under a hard heel. The game is intense, insane and from what I played last week as their NYC press event, pretty non-stop in terms of action fans expect. Looking even better than the anime it's based on, the game might even get some non DBZ fighting fans to pick up a controller once they get a peek at the speed and visual flash of the battles. Yes, there are indeed quick time events in these fights, but both players can either get in attack or defense moves by being the fastest to jam on a certain button when prompted. The Super attacks are impressive and can absolutely turn the tide in battle, provided you've been beating on your opponent enough so your cinematic blow can get the job done.

Controls are solid, as noted, the game looks fantastic (the destructible environments do indeed get blasted up pretty good) and yup, there are ridiculously fun boss fights that feel like something from a classic 3D platformer, memorizing pattern attacks and all. The boss demo ended JUST as things were getting good, so it looks as if we'll have to wait until October to see how it all turns out. PS3 and Xbox 360, of course.

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