Sunday, July 17, 2011

Preview/Gallery Update: Dark Souls

FromSoftware's nightmarish, brutal (and beautiful) RPG gets better and better looking each time I see it. At the Namco Bandai event last week, I also got to see see a hilarious speed run through the demo that made a formerly torturous hour-long plus replay after replay session under normal hands get us to a pretty spectacular (and scary) boss battle in around two and a half minutes or so. The Namco Bandai rep doing the run had gotten so good at the demo that he decided to show off part of the build that few game journalists had actually made it to after multiple attempts.

While sitting there with our jaws on the floor or cracking up at the pack of death-dealing creatures running after the poor armored Templar type on screen, I had the immediate thought that Xbox 360 owners who didn't play Demon's Souls on the PS3 are in for a big, bad surprise. Dark Souls is looking to be beyond hard for newbies and trying to play it like any other game where you're guided through missions will probably lead to a few smashed controllers and complaints that the game isn't at all fair. Well... it's not supposed to be. When your official website is called PREPARE TO DIE, er... what sort of game were you expecting to play

Dark Souls will be in stores in October for the PS3 and Xbox 360. It's going to get ugly online and off - but you'll love every minute of it.. unless you're not prepared to die (and a LOT at that).

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