Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blood Bowl: Legendary Editon Adds Vamps To Roster

Focus Home Interactive, Cyanide Studios and Games Workshop want to add a nifty little twist to the usual sports game madness and thanks to the excellent Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition, set for retail and digital release on October 26th, 2010. In case you're asking "And just what the hell is Blood Bowl?", well, clickyety click onward for a press release and more images. isn't life just simpler than it needs to be sometimes?

PARIS, France - October 15, 2010

Two weeks before its release, Blood Bowl Legendary Edition unveils exclusive images of the Vampire team! Discover this formidable Blood Bowl team - one of the 11 new playable races in the Legendary Edition, which releases October 28th (October 29th in Germany).

Widely considered to be among the best players in Blood Bowl, Vampires are respected - or feared - by all. Their superior strength gives them the advantage in most fights, and their great agility, on par with the best Elf players, allows them to execute a wide range of tactics. As a bonus, their ability to hypnotize opponents lets them move freely on the field. But be careful -- Vampires have an uncontrollable bloodlust, and it's not unusual for a player to leave the field and make a meal of an unlucky spectator.

About Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition

A brutal team sport unfolding in a fantasy world based on Warhammer and American football, Blood Bowl is an incredible, brutal game in which no holds are barred as you lead your team to the Blood Bowl final! Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition is the ultimate Blood Bowl edition: 11 new playable races join the 9 races already available in the 2009 edition. Undead, Amazon, Ogres and 9 other races enter Blood Bowl's tournaments. All 20 races have their personal style, tactics and unique skills which give each game a diversity rarely seen in a strategy game. New and more impressive stadiums welcome all these new teams: from the snowy Norse stadium to the creepy interior of a crypt, a change of scenery is guaranteed!

Legendary Edition also introduces a new Story mode , in which gamers will play as a freelance coach. They will have to lead several famous teams and take up many challenges through a story revealing the origins of Blood Bowl, the Old World and its many races that relentlessly compete with each other in merciless games. A newly scripted tutorial will teach all newcomers everything they need to know about coaching a Blood Bowl team. In order to stay as close as possible to the official rules, many additions and updates have been made to better match the latest Blood Bowl Rulebook, used in all official board game official tournaments.

Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition will be released on October 28th (retail and digital download).

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