Saturday, October 23, 2010

Nippon Ichi America Wants YOU To Replace Etna's Panties...

Normally, I'd say that header would be a "No wait, that didn't come out right..." statement, but yes indeedy-do, it's true. Nippon Ichi Software America is holding a contest where you design a pair of panties for Etna, everyone's favorite evil (but cute) demoness from the Disgaea and Prinny series.

The panties in question are part of a genius promotion for Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! (a game I absolutely WANT based on the title alone). I'd guess I'm ineligible, being a member of the gaming press and all, but I'd definitely love to be a fly on the wall with a pair of binoculars at NISA's offices when those entries start rolling in. My spider-sense says that the rejection pile is going to be fairly large (but fun to judge, that's for sure), given the imagination of certain types of anime/manga/game fans.

Anyway, go poke around on the official contest site, enter if you've got the skills and hope you win BIG. The main prizes for the three big winners are a copy of Prinny 2 and a pair of the winning panties. 50 other lucky entrants who can or can't draw a lick (er, no pun intended!) can enter the contest and end up will their own pair of those panties (but no game). Yeah, this could be one of the more interesting game-related contests in recent memory, that's for damn sure...

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