Sunday, October 10, 2010

Update: Tron Evolution Hands-On (NYCC)

Wow. The last time I played a build of Tron Evolution, the game looked Ok, but definitely needed a bit more visual polish. In the time since, Propaganda Games has indeed buffed up the game to a super-shiny finish, adding reflective surfaces, tons of detail along with a bit of motion blur and depth of field effects. The light cycle portion I tried at NYCC from a good part into the game was fiercely challenging, but focused and very fun to play. Between the tons of stuff dropping from the skies and the many jumps and cures along the roadway, expect to feel that adrenaline pumping away as you try and make it to the next checkpoint.

Also tightened up were the parkour-based platform sections and the fast-paced combat. The same layer of visual shine exists in these stages and the already tight action areas feel even more fluid. Interestingly enough, Disney only had the game and Epic Mickey playable on one station each, making it the smallest game-related booth at NYCC. The rest of the Disney booth was set up for books and a few films, which was surprising 9well, at least to me). Both games definitely had crowds gathering around to ogle or try them out. Not as HUGE crowds as the Capcom, Square Enix, Rockstar or Sega booth, but still...

Overall, this is yet another licensed game that's going to surprise those who think ALL movie-based games stink. I say those ladies and germs that fall into that particularly negative camp just need to play more good licensed games. Anyway, short and sweet update this time. back later with more on the game shortly.

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