Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Facebook Is Inspiring, After All...

So, Facebook made a few changes some people seem really, really upset about, as poking around on the site today has revealed. I find the new stuff annoying (the right side feed and blue corner "news" notations), but not to the point of venting angrily about them. I guess some of the really pissed off folks are also Netflix users who are feeling extra burned at having more stuff changed without being asked first. Still, I did wake up and write a little poem about this new look for the site,

Yes, it's musical in a sort of Gilbert & Sullivan manner...

Mourning, Would... (A Rant-Less Rhyming Submission Hold To The Masters... Of Sorts)
Awakened to another change
you wish to scream, to find de-range
The face-book's found another strange

update that's bound to rile.

The new layout, it spreads the news
(but not the stuff that's yours to choose)

That twit-like twist's mocking bird-blues
that some will call a pile.

Before you type out angry word
or rant-filled threats that sound absurd
(your won't be first, just in the herd)
Just scan your page a mile.

That TOS, it says they can

(without a vote from any man)
just tweak away and tweak again

until they've found their style.

You're just a cog, a rube, a dope
complaining here has not a hope
of lengthening that scratchy rope
or lessening the guile.

This enforced evolution's bad
but even if it makes you mad

You've signed away all that you had

(enjoy your glass of bile).

At this point in 'net history
it's not your freedom that they see;

Just how to spin your liberty

and keep it in a file.

So suck it up, you joyless rakes
The Zuck, he'll do just what it takes

to tamp down complaints true or fakes
(You're stuck here on this dial).

We've let the 'book into our lives
and on our ev'ry move it thrives

You're hooked, they know how fast it drives

(and yes, that makes them smile).

However, one would hope they see

that change makes more sense gradually

or questionnaire done adjusts-pre

(Although that takes a while).

I'll end this really awful rhyme
and let you all just take some time

to soak in all that stingy lime

Before the big exile!

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