Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Guardian Heroes Is Back! Now, How About A Sega Saturn Collection?

Well alright! Treasure's innovative fighter/RPG hybrid is finally coming to Xbox Live Arcade (and hopefully, PSN) soon. While this is indeed a great thing to see, I'd really love it if Sega just took the time to bring a bunch of their first-party Saturn games to us on a disc like they've done with the numerous Sega Genesis collections over the years for consoles and PC. Of course, given that Sonic The Hedgehog's presence on the Saturn was somewhat weak, I'm wondering if that's a main reason we haven't seen a PS3 Blu-Ray or Xbox 360 disc collection yet. On the other hand, with games such as this one, Astal, Shining The Holy Ark, Shining Force III, The Panzer Dragoon games, Burning Rangers and more classics, it's a no-brainer that seeing all these great games (and getting them all in one shot at a great price point) would be a win-win situation for Sega and gamers alike.

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