Saturday, September 3, 2011

Onechanbara Z Kagura Coming to Xbox 360 (In Japan): Hey D3PA, Don't Leave Us Hanging!

Thanks to YouTube user shinshaobaka for posting this video!

Yeah, yeah, this game isn't for every taste, but I happen to love the cheesy, bloody zombie killing by the boatload goodness of the Onechanbara series. I actually own all of them except for the PSP import and while they're not the best action games out there, there's just something to be said about scantily clad zombie killing gals with attitude, ridiculously challenging bosses and tricky to complete side quests. Well, we'll have to see what D3Publisher's US arm thinks about all this. I'd love to see this one hit the 360 here as a budget release on a disc and not JUST a quickie XBLA download. Granted, it probably won't get a manual (like the 360 version of Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon), but hey, at least more people will get to enjoy the crazy ride. Actually, it WOULD be nice to see the series head back to a Sony home console, as that's where the first four games appeared...

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  1. you are right that its not for every taste but i would like to taste it. as your video review pursue me to go for it before my friends do.