Wednesday, September 14, 2011

TGS 2011: Dragon's Dogma Trailer

The more I see of Capcom's action/RPG, the more I like what I see. Granted, I don't think it'll be as ridiculously huge as some of the other open-world RPG's from this or last year, but there's no doubt that it'll be one of those games that pulls in players willing to succumb to its charms. Hell, at this point trying to compare too many of these games is a losing battle, kids - just play as many of these epics as you can fit into your schedules and enjoy them based on their own merits. None take place in the same worlds, so it's a fool's errand to tackle criticizing point for point aspects (unless there's some sort of magic crossover system in your favorite console). I hope this pops up as playable at NYCC next month, as I need some hands-on time so i can see how cool it really is.

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