Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Scribblenauts Pre-order Bonus

Fun premium alert (whoop whoop, whoop whoop!):

Warner Bros. Interactive and GameStop/EB Games are offering consumers who pre-order Scribblenauts this ridiculously awesome red "rooster" cap just like the one the game's lead character, Maxwell wears during his adventures. Naturally, supplies are limited. So yup, go run like the W-I-N-D to your favorite game emporium (provided it's one of the two listed above) and snap up your cap!

Here are two more pics of the item in question (front and back views, empty POM jar stand not included in pre-order bonus):

Scribblenauts hits stores on September 15, 2009 - back with more info as it comes in. You want a side view of the hat with that pre-order? Here you go!

(Note: If you see some nut running out of the store with a box of those rooster hats that would be me, blowing all my savings on copies of the game in order to get the word out to everyone about how cool it's going to be!)

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