Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gallery: Portal 2

Hah! Game delays don't bother me at all, folks. In the case of Portal 2, it just means more time for Valve to make an even better game across every platform (so there!). Besides, it also gives me a good chance to actually add a nice all-in-one gallery to the site that features the E3 and more recent Gamescom screens, the brief tease-filled trailer and the hilariously unsubtle Infographics signage (each of which absolutely begs to be clicked on and read rather thoroughly).

So what are you waiting for? (click below)*

Infographics (Click. Study. Chuckle. Survive. Maybe.)

*(Well, besides Portal 2 to zip into physical and online retail 0n February 9, 2011, of course...)

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