Tuesday, August 24, 2010

O-Games' Superstars V8 Racing Headed To PS3 As PSN-Only Download

“The breadth, depth and quality of Superstars V8 Racing make it one of the best racing games available on PlayStation Network,” said Greg Lanz, general manager of O-Games, Inc. “Our original plan was to release this game at retail, but after considering all the options, we decided to release it exclusively through PlayStation Network. Superstars V8 Racing delivers a first-class multiplayer race experience with world-renowned cars that will thrive with this audience. In addition, O-Games can sell Superstars V8 Racing for a lower price since we do not have to pay the costs to manufacture, package, and ship the product to retail. The bottom line? Gamers can now own a $40 game for half the price they would pay in-store.”

Translation: How can you tell the recession is still going strong? Well, one area where publishers are cutting costs is in the actual production of games. Even for what would be considered a great deal at $40, it costs a lot to get a boxed game to retail. Allowing that same title to be downloaded makes it easier for gamers to get a new release with a credit card and a few button presses.

Granted, anyone without a credit card and/or in an area without broadband access is a bit SOL, but it's an oddball paradox the games industry is dealing with: getting new product to market in a more streamlined, cost-effective manner. Certain larger publishers have dealt with this little problem after the success of some games by issuing "Game of the Year" or Greatest Hits editions that include the initial release plus plenty of DLC at a reduced price. If some players don't mind waiting (or simply can't download the original game), they can eventually pick it up down the road for less than it cost to begin with and get more content. If you want Superstars V8 and have no access to a PSN account, well... you'll have to maybe have a friend who does get the game so you can take it for a spin.

In any event, download-only or not, smaller publishers with quality titles often get overlooked by too many gamers who incorrectly think certain game companies are "better" than others when it comes to their overall lineup. Nonsense, I say - a great game library is made up of a wide selection of titles from publishers large to small.

Meanwhile, back at the press release:

Superstars V8 Racing provides players a near limitless amount of replayability, pick up and play mechanics and adjustable settings that offer plenty of fun for fans of arcade, sim and everything in between. Racing fans can enjoy dozens of official circuit tracks including name brand European and American vehicles. Drivers can modify cars from BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Cadillac, Jaguar, and more, letting players compete online against up to seven other drivers. The simulation and arcade-style gameplay throws players behind the wheel in one of the most intense European racing competitions, leaving only their wits and reactions between them and the Superstars Championship title.

Translation: O-Games' upcoming Superstars V8 Racing for the PS3 isn't hitting the PS3 as a quickly slapped together budget racer with barely any features, no multiplayer and poor quality graphics. Based out of Italy, veteran developer Milestone has a proven track record of solid, great looking challenging PC/console auto and motorcycle racing games and Superstars certainly looks like a pretty cool chunk of fun. The game is set to hit PSN this October - here's a look at 16 quite impressive screens.

Once we have an official release date from O-Games, it'll get posted (hopefully with even more screens), so stay tuned... I need to find a way to get this little fish out of my ear.

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