Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gallery: Street Fighter X Tekken

Whomever thought this one up gets big Genius Points for life in my book. Capcom (who knows their fighting game fans are absolutely crazy in the best possible way) and Namco (ditto) team up for what's going to be a major blast of fresh air for the genre. This in-progress mash-up made my eyebrow poke up for a few until I got a gander at the screen shots. Yeah, this one is going to blow the doors off, raise the roof and bust a few controllers in the process. All I'll say is stock up on arcade sticks, energy drinks and Band-Aids.

Call me crazy, but I'm actually more excited about this one than MvC3. Now if only Sega would finally get on the ball and let Capcom have their way with the characters in their Virtua Fighter, Yakuza, Streets of Rage, Shinobi, Shenmue, Rent-A-Hero and a few other familiar to obscure franchises (note to Sega: *hint, hint, hint...*)

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