Monday, August 23, 2010

Gallery: The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest

Here you go - Box art and screens for each of the console and handheld versions of WBIE's upcoming action game. When the game was initially announced last year, there was to be a PlayStation 2 version as well. However, I'm guessing that one has been canned (well, at least in the US) as there were no images sent along with what's here. Ah well...

PS3 Screens

Wii Screens

PSP Screens

Nintendo DS Screens

Visually, the more cartoony look coupled with Move and Wii Remote support for the home versions makes the game seem geared more toward a wider range of adventure seeking gamers. In English, it's a more "family-friendly" LOTR game that even "core" gamers can enjoy. I'm liking the look of what's here and the portable versions certainly get my stamp of approval simply because I love top down or isometric view action games and licensed or not, I'll play a decent hack 'n slash any day of the week. Hopefully the games will all be as fun to play as they look...

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