Monday, November 8, 2010

Quickie TV Review: AMC's The Walking Dead "Guts"

Well, despite a few bumps in the road, it just gets better and better. Great writing featuring some nicely fleshed out scenes (no pun intended), Michael Rooker was almost priceless (and a bit over the top, as usual) as the rooftop racist rifleman and some nicely tense moments make this a nice follow up to "Days Gone Bye." There were a few issues I had with one character handling a gun with her bare hands around tainted undead intestines and just hwy Rooker's character would lose it and draw attention to the "shoppers", but hell, I can see someone snapping up there with a gun and a few hundred undead down below. I'll have to also wonder why the hell Rick didn't try to nab the bag of guns he dropped in the first episode, but hey - that's TV for you. Even the girlfriend who absolutely freaks out over gore made it through most of the episode intact and she even watched the first episode (thank you AMC Free On Demand!) the next day and is I believe, hooked (although she won't admit it quite yet).

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