Sunday, November 14, 2010

Quickie TV Review: AMC's The Walking Dead "Tell It To The Frogs"

The third episode picked up where the last left off and had some fine dramatic moments thanks to Rick's reunion with his family, some surprising revelations and a bit of shocking violence (primarily among the survivors, although a lone zombie gets dispatched in a nicely gruesome scene). My question about the dropped bag of guns was indeed answered, but as the teaser for next week's show revealed, getting those guns isn't exactly going to go as planned. Hmmm... I wonder if that tank Rick camped out in all too briefly still has a working cannon (and if Rick STILL has that grenade he swiped from the dead soldier)?

Oh, Michael Rooker's rooftop racist does am off-screen Scream and Scream Again number on himself (look it up, or think of the first SAW movie) but I'm betting real money that he's not a total goner. His controversial character deserves a bit more than the extended cameo he's gotten thus far, that's for sure. Then again, how far can one go in a zombie-packed Atlanta with sunstroke, one working hand and a bloody stump? We shall see, i guess...

Score: B+

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