Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thank You, Good Morning America (Not Really, Though)!

Thank you, Good Morning America... for my day off work!

Having some of your staff walk off with multiple Disney Epic Mickey press gift bags earlier this morning means that I don't have a copy of the game to review today nor the assorted goodies I'd planned to give away as a means to drive much-needed traffic to my blog.

However, being the sole games journalist at the event, I didn't walk away completely empty-handed thanks to a Disney Interactive staffer that handed me a shirt and poster upstairs and made mention about not forgetting to pick up the aforementioned gift bag waiting for me when I left. Meeting Warren Spector, Peter David and a few other folks who worked on the game was pretty special as well.

Granted, you're one of the most popular morning shows on television and I'd make an educated guess that whomever got my bag is no doubt more important than some lowly video game critic with a far smaller audience.

However, as ABC is also part of Disney (or it was the last time I checked), couldn't you at ANY other time get the 15 or so copies of the game in those bags you took before asking around or checking the press list if there were any actual game reviewers who may have NEEDED those games for actual work purposes?

Ah well... It's not as if I stayed up all night in anticipation of coming home with (and playing) the game, writing a full review this week and posting it along with the giveaway I was planning to run... That would be more than a little crazy, right?

Actually, I did indeed stay up all night (call me crazy, but I never can sleep before some of these big press events) and yes, I was planning on doing all the above things with the game and assorted Epic Mickey gear in that nice bag. Ah well... it's not as if I was planning on donating the contents of that bag to a nearby kid's hospital or anything... in THAT case, I'd be a little more peeved.

In any case, the next time there's a major Disney game launch covered by GMA, could you please find out just who's actually a working game reviewer who might want to walk out of said event with a game he or she can review? That would be extremely peachy, thank you.

Nevertheless, thanks again for the day off, GMA! I may as well catch up on the sleep I missed earlier now that I have nothing else to do today. Off to hit the hay now.


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