Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dark Souls Collector's Edition Makes Me Do A Double Take

...along with a half-assed backflip (I'm SO out of shape). In case you didn't hear the news, both the standard and "limited" editions of the game are the SAME price. Interesting, considering the trend of charging MORE for that extra stuff by most other publishers. I hope this is the beginning of a new deal for gamers, particularly in an economy that's still quite lousy for many.

Here's a quick clip from the press release:

The Dark Souls Collector’s Edition can be pre-ordered for $59.99, the same price as the standard edition while supplies last, and will include a limited edition art book containing premium illustrations of characters and environments from the game, a mini-strategy guidebook, behind-the-scenes videos from the development studio detailing various stages of game concept, design and building, and the game’s soundtrack for digital download. All of this will come packaged with the standard edition game in a custom-designed metal case.

In the words of the great philosophers: They got my money already. Of course, you might want to stock up on foam bricks to throw at the TV, a few boxes of Kleenex for those crying jags and a pillow to bite down on hard when the game kicks your butt all over the room, but that's all optional.

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