Friday, June 10, 2011

E3 2011: Hawken: Mech -Stomping Indie Powerhouse

WOW is pretty much my tired-ass response to seeing this phenomenal game in action. Armored Core meets Phantom Crash meets Mechwarrior = all kinds of spectacular. Yeah, yeah, it's OLD footage, but heck, the game is being made by under ten people (six), so I'm cutting these chaps some slack for the moment. PC-only, but according to that G4 interview, console deals are indeed a possibility. Right now, the game is multiplayer only, but I'd love to see a well-done single player campaign added just so this awesome game engine isn't wasted on the "pew-pew" drool cup crowd who just wants to clank around and shoot each other in the head while bragging about their tricked out PC configurations. You don't need any psychic powers to predict Adhesive Games is going to be one of those developers on everyone's lips once their "little" game is completed. WOW.

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