Monday, June 13, 2011

Duke Nukem Forever Shows Up, Hell Does Not Freeze Over (Details at 11)...

Of course, I was away when UPS dropped my PS3 copy off. Twice last week. Oops. Fortunately, I did get back in time today to grab it and will finally get some quality time with the man himself shortly. As I'm in the process of still winding down from E3 and need to pick up my prescription, I'm not settling down with the game 'til later when I can set up everything I need, ignore the phone and other distractions and dive in. Based on the notes from a few fellow editor-types who've already played a chunk of the single player (and my own hands-on time with earlier builds), I can already predict this one's going to be a total blast, old-school warts and all... back in a bit with a review.

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