Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Overstrike: Insomniac's Breakout Cross-Platform (Soon To Be) Hit

Well now... I've very wisely learned to throw out ALL my expectations of what I "want" to see a developer do long ago, but I'll admit to expecting Insomniac to do something "special" for it's first ever multi-platform release. Based on their amazing work with their own proprietary tech since the PlayStation days, the love for offbeat weaponry and all sorts of cartoon-inspired humor, Overstrike seems like the perfect blend. Of course, the hugely dedicated fan base their games have insures this one will be BIG stuff, so even if it's an AAA-quality mash-up of Brute Force 2 meets X-Squad with a dash of Gene Troopers*, gamers will still eat it up. Also, I'll bet real money this gets a Wii U release just because I KNOW Ted Price and co. have been itching to do SOMETHING for a Nintendo platform... just you wait and see...

*Yeah, I play WAY too many not so good games, folks. Anyway, I can't wait to see some gameplay!

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