Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Insomniac's Ted Price Addresses The Whiny Crowd That Doesn't Quite Get It Yet...

Here's an example of a solid effort and helping some folks grow up a little. Some of the super hard-core (read: less intelligent) Insomniac fanboys, many who want the company to move backward into old IP territory have been practically shooting flames from their little ears ever since the learned their favorite company was going multi-playform and things got worse when their new partnership with EA revealed what's looking like a cool little new IP, OverStrike. While I'd prefer to let the goons stew in their juices 'til they pop, Price is a nicer guy than I am as he went to the trouble to explain a bit how the real world works outside the confines on a TV set and the insides of certain small-brained creatures. Excellent. Now, lets hope some of these folks GET IT, move on and enjoy gaming on any console Insomniac makes games for rather than the sound of air escaping from their rant-filled lips and other orifices.

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