Friday, June 3, 2011

Konami's Pre-E3 Video Is Brilliant Stuff

Absolutely one of the best and funniest presentations I've seen, Konami provided a pre-E3 showing that was informative and innovative while showing off a number of upcoming titles. I'm absolutely grabbing that Metal Gear Solid HD collection, the Silent Hill HD collection, NeverDead and a few other games. Kojima's got a great sense of humor as you'll see, but his "Transfarring" idea is one of the best uses of PSp/NGP and PS3 connectivity to date. Amusingly enough, I'd thought of this when the PSP was announced, but I don't make games. Still, why Sony didn't do this (or think of it) is a bit odd. Nevertheless, it's a phenomenal idea I can see other publishers jumping on, particularly in this day and age of people whining about games being too short or not getting enough value out of that sixty bucks. Anyway, go watch the video and enjoy the cool surprise at the end...

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