Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wii U: Nintendo Changes The Game (AGAIN)

Well, who DIDN'T think they weren't going to blow minds at today's conference? Showing off the new controller while not babbling about the console's tech specs (or showing the console itself) was an excellent move that baffled some editor-types and online posters. YES, the unseen actual system does HD 1080p graphics and based on the slick teaser videos and live announcements, we'll be seeing the same SKUS on the PS3 and 360 for some key upcoming titles with Wii U functionality.

I like the HUD moved to the tablet idea (more real estate on your TV screen for game action) in some titles, the sketchpad (yes!) and other cool things. Sure, the console's price point (and additional tablet controllers) will be the wallet kicker for most folks, but we won't get that information until sometime next year, I'm thinking. I'm sure it's not going to be cheap, but Nintendo has a way with showing tech that has many consumers more than eager to pay up. Cue Miyamoto saying "ITEM GET!", a live orchestra playing some Zelda music and people reaching for their wallets.

EA jumping on board so strongly is a big plus for sports fans (and maybe Dead Space 2 is headed to the console along with Mass Effect at some point) and seeing Ken Levine's eyes twinkle means I bet there's a Big Daddy or three coming to Nintendo's new system at some point. As well as a LOT of other stuff to appease the hardcore, Nintendo die-hards and others. Skeptics beware... this is going to get REALLY interesting as developers start peeling back the covers on their Wii U projects over the coming months...

More later - I've got some more games to see...

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