Sunday, June 5, 2011

Some Quick Thoughts on "Transfarring"

OK, so we all know Hideo Kojima is a genius. My question is: why the heck didn't Sony think of this idea when the PSP was initially launched? As soon as I heard they were doing a portable unit, one of my top wishlist items was the ability to either link PS2/PS3 content to the unit for on the go action or have new games where portable versions had data that could be transferred back and forth between consoles. Anyway, now that "Transfarring" is not only a reality, but a new "word" gamers worldwide will be speaking whenever they hit the road with a Sony handheld, let's hope it's adopted by as many developers as possible as soon as possible.

Oh, and ANY sort of data transfer system NEEDS to be offline enabled as well just in case the PSN hacks never stop rolling out on a regular basis. Just a thought...

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