Friday, January 14, 2011

The Cursed Crusade Trailer #2: "Ambitions"

Atlus and developer Kylotonn Emtertainment have what's looking to be a guaranteed hit with this upcoming PS3 and Xbox 360-bound Action/RPG. Given that nearly everyone seems to be comparing it to Demon's Souls, there's going to be an immediate audience for the game that should propel sales no matter what the reviews say. Based on available info, the game is quite a bit different (and it should be) in terms of story, gameplay and a few other major elements, none of which should stop any fan of From Software's hit from checking this one out. Hell, here's nothing like being pleasantly surprised by a game you thought was going to be something entirely different (or all too familiar), right? More on The Cursed Crusade shortly...

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