Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Knights Contract Goes Gold, Set To Hit Retail February 22

Namco Bandai has announced that Game Republic's M-rated action game (and one I happen to be looking forward to for its supremely bizarre monsters) has gone gold and has a release date of February 22, 2011. In case you're wondering "Just what the heck is Knight's Contract?", well, a few snippets from the press release below the jump should help...

The game follows the twisted tale of Heinrich, an immortal executioner, and Gretchen, a resurrected witch. Once the victim of Heinrich’s blade, Gretchen now has him under contract to fight alongside her and the two must work together to rid the land of the malicious enemies who have cursed its people. Armed with Heinrich’s razor-sharp scythe and Gretchen’s explosive witchcraft, players must utilize these tools to return civility to the land.

As players succeed in their journey, they can deal tremendous damage onto their tormentors with fluid, fast-paced combinations and unleash gruesome finishers by coordinating the efforts of Heinrich and Gretchen. As the immortal executioner, players must protect Gretchen against hideous creatures and unspeakable evil as her magical prowess and mortality are the key to the duo’s survival.

What, you want PICTURES too? Geez. OK, go check of the galleries I've posted here and here.

(The game trailer is over on the other blog, of course!).

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