Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sony NGP Image Gallery

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Sony's sexy new successor slips not-so silently into the sunlight, seeking spectacular success. Price and actual release date TBA. Xmas 2011, as per the news this far and I'm not even going to imagine what it costs other than to say no one should complain about the PS3 Slim being cheaper, as that's a smaller, less expensive re-version of an initially much pricier console that's been out for a few years already. Price point aside, I love the comfortable pattern on the back panel and yes, the dual analogs should shut up the whiners that have been going on about the past and current PSP's lack of a second stick.

My ONLY big fat gripe is the current name or tentative name. NGP to me SCREAMS NeoGeo Pocket or... N-Gage, Please. Er, If Kevin Butler gave you those initials, he's really a spy for Nintendo.
In other words, Sony - I do love you dearly... but you may want to change that name and fast (don't hate me, please - I'm just looking out for you). Now, about battery life and those shiny new NGP games... (to be continued)

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